Staying connected with YOU as we pursue God's call in Haiti.

How to PRAY...for Haiti  / Haitians


That they would...

- Hope in a never changing loving God.

- Have peace in impossible circumstances.

- Find comfort in unimaginable loss.

- Trust in God and build relationships with the many
people there to help.

- Have protection from disease and natural disaster.

- Seek to develop immense strength in the church to
see this nation transformed in Christ!

- Experience peace in the political spectrum.   That honorable people would find leadership and lead Haiti effectively and honestly.

- That education would become accessible for more and
more Haitian children.


How to PRAY...for us

Kris, Rachael, Anna, Levi and Lydia

- That we would stay close to Christ, our source.

- That as a family we will adjust to the physical and cultural challenges that we will face daily.

- That we would learn Creole and French quickly.

- That we will acclimate culturally so we can build relationships quickly.

- That home schooling would be successful and enjoyable.

- That we would be able to raise and maintain our missions budget, so we can focus on God's work in Haiti.

- That we would be safe from disease and violence.

- Kris would be protected during frequent travels across Haiti.

-Most importantly, that God would use us to do HIS work in Haiti.   That we would be an effective tool HE can use to love the people we can reach.


If you could do anything