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FACTS about Haiti

- It is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

- 80% of the population lives in poverty and  54% live in abject poverty.

- The average per capita income in Haiti is $480 a year, compared to $33,550 in the United States.

- There are an estimated 300,000 child slaves. 

- Child slaves are known as restaveks.   Restavek literally
means "to stay with".

- 80% Roman Catholic, 16% Protestant, with roughly 50% practicing voodoo.

- A typical worker in Haiti makes only $2.75 a day. Because jobs are so scarce (approximately 70% do not have regular jobs), those who do have jobs are afraid to speak out against unfair labor practices.

- Only 53% of Haitians can read and write.

- Because of both violence and AIDS, Haiti has the highest percentage of orphans of any country in the Western Hemisphere. Before the 2010 earthquake, the United Nations estimated there were 430,000 orphans.

- The hurricane season in 2008 stripped approximately 70% of Haiti’s crops. This damage was the most expensive in Haiti’s history at an estimated $1 billion.