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February 2014

Haiti Pictures:

  •  Funds to complete vehicle purchase.  Still needed:  $5,500
  • Frequent Flyer MIles to use for our trips in and out of Haiti
  • High School guidance counselor needed to donate time to help our daughter plan her school course work for the next 4 years.

Current needs:

donations welcomed

100 ~ $30 a month sponsorship slots available

How to PRAY... for Haiti & us

How to GIVE...

Join our team!

Haiti's challenges may not be your challenges...but their GOD is your GOD!  Pray for Haiti AND us.

Our work in HAITI

Did you know that the poorest country in the western hemisphere is a 2 hour flight off the FL coast?

The Coleman Family

Kris, Rachael,

Anna, Levi & Lydia


FACTS about Haiti

Here is a short snippet of what we will be doing in Haiti with Happy Kids Intl.

If you could do anything

Staying connected with YOU as we pursue God's call in Haiti.